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At least one company in the metropolitan St. Louis area has been helped by urban sprawl — St. Louis Area Maps Inc. Owned by Gene Matrisotto and his wife, Diane, since 1983, the company updates its Wunnenberg’s street guides and maps every year. We collect our information from reliable sources and even do extensive field work to confirm new and updated streets.

Wunnenberg’s Street Guides have a rich history in St. Louis. The first street guide was published in 1956. Matrisotto purchased the Wunnenberg’s name and has increased the publications from three when he took over to ten today. Besides his wife, who is vice president and is in charge of updating the indexes, two of Matrisotto’s three sons work at the south St. Louis County company. Nicolas is Director of Operations and has been with the firm since 1995. Mark is Director of Sales and Marketing and joined the business in 1998.

 Street Guides from the Past:


The product line features the Metro-West St. Louis City & County guide as well as ones for St. Charles, Jefferson, Franklin, St. Francois, and a combined Lincoln and Warren counties guide in Missouri. Illinois guides cover Madison, St. Clair, Monroe and Clinton Counties. Enlarged versions, started by Matrisotto in 1986, are sold for the Metro-West St. Louis City & County and St. Charles County guides. In addition, fold-up area maps are published along with wall maps, many of which are special-ordered by businesses and governments. For example, the St. Louis County Police Department has street guides customized to include special police codes. The guides are used by many police and fire departments in the metropolitan area.

Many delivery companies use the street guides, including Imo’s Pizza and Domino’s Pizza, which have a large custom wall map at their locations. Their drivers also carry smaller handheld maps to help with their deliveries. The real estate community are big users of the guides as well, with some firms making it a requirement that their agents carry the guides with them.

Before 1999, all of the maps were done by hand. Now, they are done on computers. Harold Kinder, the company’s cartographer, does most of the computerized maps with assistance from Nicolas Matrisotto. The sixth member of the firm is Sales Manager Greg Usselmann.

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